Holistic Health for Your Pet

Why Natural Remedies and Homeopathy For Pets

Natural remedies and homeopathy use a natural, holistic system for healing that eliminates imbalances causing particular symptoms. While remedies and homeopathy will take care of the symptoms, the primary focus is curing and treating the cause of the imbalance. Curing occurs when the body eliminates the whole disease, not just the symptoms, and rises to a state of optimum health.

Western medicine focuses on suppressing the symptoms of disease versus curing disease.  Suppressing the system may reduce specific symptoms, however will not allow the body to surface the original disease, and will drive the disease to other channels in the body.  Symptoms which are driven deeper, often result in more serious symptoms surfacing, while the original underlying imbalance remains.

The Theory of Homeopathy

Homeopathy has been used for over 200 years. It is based on the theory that like cures like.  The homeopathic remedies are in minimum doses, are derived of natural substances such as plants, minerals and foods.  The remedies are highly diluted and shaken to increase potency. Thousands of remedies are available that have been tested and proven.

Symptoms Are A Tool In Administering Homeopathic and Natural Remedies

Symptoms are an important tool in the administration of homeopathic and natural remedies.  They help us to determine which remedy is needed, and help in monitoring the healing process.  Two animals with the same set of symptoms may be treated differently, whereas in Western medicine both would be treated the same.  For example, the origin and specific symptoms of an upper respiratory infection may be slightly different in two individuals, indicating which remedy would best suit that individual. Each person/animal will also have their unique way of processing the remedy and eliminating the imbalance or disease.

Combination Remedies and Classical Homeopathy For Your Pet

A classical homeopath will administer remedies one at a time, treating the constitution and cause of the imbalance, and is extremely accurate in which remedy best suits that set of symptoms.  Combination remedies are formulations designed to treat a broad set of symptoms that commonly occur together. HomeoPet, Newton Homeopathics and Only Pet Brand are good resources for combination remedies.

Combination remedies are lower potency and less accurate then Classical homeopathy, however can work well for mild to moderate acute conditions such as trauma or infections.  If you are confused about which combination remedy to administer, or your pet is not responding to your treatment, contact a Homeopath and Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in animals. There may be a more severe or chronic condition present.

Karen has been trained in herbal medicine, and Classical Homeopathy beginning through advanced levels, with Dr. Nicholas Nossaman, M.D. She has treated acute through chronic conditions in people and animals over the past 28 years.

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