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Xocai Healthy Chocolate

The perfect storm of science and Mother Nature is now conspiring for your health, the health of those you know and love, and the health of our nation. Our nation is overweight and obesity rate is now nearing a staggering 70%. There are ever-increasing rates of disease. In our lifetimes, most Americans will suffer from heart disease, cancer, diabetes or chronic auto-immune or brain-altering conditions which lower the quality of their lives and often end in painful deaths. Here's the good news, you and those you love can now lose weight and get healthier hearts, brains and more by, of all things, eating CHOCOLATE! But before you go pick up that candy bar, remember, that's not the form of chocolate God built. Every diet has its dark side, ours is Chocolate! The science behind a successful chocolate diet from MXI Corp, the makers of Xocai (pronounced "show-sigh") Healthy Chocolate, is the cover story of the December issue of the American Journal of Bariatric Medicine, the branch of medicine which treats obesity. In addition, the USDA ranks chocolate at the top of their list of high antioxidant foods, often referred to as "superfoods". This is no accident. It's about time we "rediscovered" this most-healthy antioxidant which God put on our planet! Superfood and Science As referenced in the December 2011 edition of the American Journal of Bariatric Medicine, using Xocai Healthy Chocolate—the pure, unroasted, cacao dark chocolate—offers benefits not available with other weight loss plans. Participants eat and drink CHOCOLATE daily, with all of the feel-good properties (e.g. serotonin, b-endorphins and theobromine) and super antioxidant levels (e.g. the value of up to 100 lbs. of spinach in one chocolate shake!). The chocolate used is cold pressed, keeping 4-5 times more of the "good stuff" present and viable to be consumed. And Xocai Healthy Chocolate has none of the "bad stuff" chocolate candy manufacturers add, such as loads of processed white sugar, caffeine, unhealthy preservatives and additives. Beyond Weight Loss Maybe you don't need to lose weight. But we all have something going on in our bodies that can't be denied. It's called aging and system breakdown over time. Free radicals are effectively "rusting" us from the inside out. Inflammation is causing disease. (Yes, some studies show over 200 diseases are based on—that is begin with and increase due to—inflammation of our cellular tissue.) There are in excess of 25,000 studies on chocolate and health. But, People DO Eat a Lot of Chocolate! If chocolate has been under so much scientific scrutiny for potential health benefits, why is it that we consume an average of 12 lbs of chocolate each year, and we're not seeing a positive difference in our health? Well, that's because there's a difference between chocolate candy and raw, unprocessed cacao. Chocolate candy is processed in a way which kills most of the nutrients in the cacao and contains many unhealthy ingredients. Cacao was what the Meso-American Indians used for medicinal purposes to extend long, healthy lives.

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