The Master Cleanse

Detoxify and rejuvenate the body

You may use The Master Cleanse every morning for 2-4 weeks (30-60 minutes prior to breakfast), or do a complete cleanse without food for 3 days, drinking the lemon recipe throughout the day.  You can also eat lightly during the 3 day cleanse, supplementing with raw fruits and veggies, or light protein.


- 2 Tablespoons Fresh Lemon Juice

- 1-2 Tablespoons pure Maple Syrup

- 1/10 Teaspoon of  Cayenne Pepper Powder – or to taste (as much as you can stand)

- 8 ounces of purifed water


- First, squeeze Fresh Lemon Juice.

- Then add Maple Syrup, and Cayenne Pepper into the purified Water.

- For the complete 3-day cleanse, drink 6 - 12 glasses throughout the day.