The Secret To Healing

The Secret to Healing

The Secret to HealingIn my 31 years as a Holistic Healer,  I have seen thousands of women and men with injuries, illnesses and diseases.  They basically have all asked the same questions to me:  “What is the secret to healing?”  Everyone wants to know the way back to their happiness and good health.

First it’s important to realize how you got out of balance.  What stress have you had in your life,  and have you absorbed that stress into your body?  What are your habits and lifestyle?  Are you respecting your body and giving it what it needs to maintain good health:  eating healthy foods three times per day, getting deep and peaceful sleep, exercise, meditation, etc. Contemplating these questions will build the awareness you need for your healing. Make a commitment to take the necessary steps to change the old patterns that created your illness.

If you have a health condition or concern, you can do this simple exercise: breathe into the area of the body that is needing healing and  fill it with healing intention.  The mind-body connection is powerful and you can use your mind to heal yourself.  Know that you can heal and see yourself as healed.  Image a color such as green or blue to surround the  area that is needing attention.  Continue this healing intention for your body throughout the day, or at night prior to falling asleep.

The true secret of healing is for you to return to your true nature of happiness and balance.  The breathing and visualization serve as a guide for your body to return to  balance and good health.  Once you arrive in your new, healed state your brain and body will establish a new reference and can set the anchor for vibrant health.

Your visualization and affirmation for healing also requires you to release your stress.  Whatever pattern created your illness needs to be changed so you don’t continue to feed the illness or disease.  Allow your new, positive thoughts to feed your body, and release the old negative patterns that have contributed to your suffering.  Use your powerful mind and create a happy and healthy new reality for yourself.

Empower yourself.  It’s time to free yourself and live a happy and healthy life ~ you can do it!