Garden Meditation for Rejuvenation of Body and Mind

Garden Meditation For Rejuvenation of Body and Mind

Garden Meditation Garden Meditation Garden Meditation

Caring for a garden can be “work” or used as a meditation practice to get in touch with nature for your rejuvenation of mind and body.  Every plant you touch becomes a meditation as your hands connect with the earth. The energy from the plants and dirt provide us with the gift of purifying toxins and balancing the body and mind. Many people feel that their energy is restored after sitting on the earth or working in the garden since they are absorbing all the pure energy nature has to give.

Create a meditation exercise as you pull each weed, and visualize that you are removing the weeds out of your life. This is an effective meditation technique for releasing and renewing your life. In time, just like the garden, fewer weeds will grow back and your garden of life will flourish with beauty!

You can create an affirmation or mantra as you are pulling weeds, such as silently repeating “calm”,  “I am happy and healthy” or “ harmony” . These are powerful statements that are being assimilated in your body and brain to create change in your thinking and actions.  An affirmation or mantra is a meditative technique to keep the mind focused on positive patterns versus obsessing in the mind.  If you let your mind get out of control, you could be in a beautiful garden stressed by your mind’s thoughts instead of enjoying and the gift of your garden.

And most importantly, take a pause from time to time while you are gardening to receive the beauty of the flowers and plants.  Breathe in the gratitude of nature around you and exhale releasing any tension.  Use the cleansing breath and then be still and receive!

Enjoy meditating in your garden!