Featured Puppy!

7QFXLVkkuG29nRRWlCMqfYD465XapIPbGKo7Z8TbhbZt3c0gdvowhTvACV90lGL-8WJabGUqFSaxp1w3zXtGDWRPz4taQczmcNzYNhmT6tFn2-op_b5q3LoCC6ZR5ihqgtSaNRliiiX5KHkYXyZZ1hoaxIgI3UHhl5Au3KY=s0-d-e1-ftI fell in love with Shadow while visiting my friend Leisa in Fallbrook.  Shadow is a 4-year old German Shepherd who Leisa bred, nurtured and then gave away to a loving family when she was young. (See this wonderful article on how Leisa trains German Shepherds to help the wounded warriers: http://villagenews.com/petsoftheweek/k9-guardians-surrounding-wounded-warriors-with-support/.

Shadow was very happy in her home until a new baby arrived in the family.  She suddenly developed a yeast problem, digestive imbalance, dry skin and fur loss. She lost weight and her spirits were down.  After her family tried to assist Shadow with her physical and emotional imbalance, they were not successful and called Leisa for help. Leisa took Shadow back into her home to nurture and heal her.


Shadow was happy to be back with the pack of other dogs and felt secure with Leisa. Leisa starting a quality food and supplement program along with topical creams. Shadow would drink water minimally so Leisa had to use a syringe to feed her water.  She bathed her daily and gave her lots of love. .


With all the effort, progress had been slow. Shadow’s spirits were up, however her physical body was still struggling. Leisa and her vet were puzzled.  I visited Shadow a few nights ago and talked with her about the situation.  Leisa and I figured out that her feelings were hurt when the new baby came along and she never recovered from it.


0806151744eI told Shadow I would like to help her.  She looked straight into my eyes and I could feel her say “Yes”!  I told her that she needed to get strong again. I placed my hands on her kidneys for 5 minutes and spoke with her about healing and returning to balance.  She received the energy from my hands with gratitude.


I went over to Leisa’s house the following day.  I couldn’t believe what I saw (and heard!)  Shadow was drinking water from her bowl, and lots of it!  She was hydrating her body. Shadow also didn’t have the bad odor she had the night before and she wasn’t oozing from her ears and eyes. (Leisa hadn’t given her a bath, so something had changed inside Shadow’s body.) She was healing!  I told Shadow that she was doing a good job and keep up the good work.  I gave Leisa some Silver Hydrosol for animals and suggested a homeopathic remedy to clear up the additional symptoms. I told Leisa that if I lived in California I would take Shadow home in a heartbeat!
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