Awaken Your Inner Power Retreat – Templeton, CA


Awaken Your Inner Power Retreat

with Karen Korona, Master Kundalini Teacher and Healer


Vibrant Health ~ Joyful Living ~Spiritual Awareness 
Only $1,650 to transform your life!


Thursday, February 21 -Sunday, February 24, 2019
Location: Dancing Deer Farm & Retreat Center – Templeton, CA
Includes accommodations, 3 daily gourmet vegetarian meals and retreat program!  
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Join us on the Central Coast of California this Winter!


Awaken Your Inner Power Retreat

February 21st – February 24th, 2019

Dancing Deer Farm & Retreat Center

Templeton, California

(20 minutes from San Luis Obispo)


Register today

$1,650 to join our retreat


Get ready to access your inner power and elevate your consciousness.

Awaken the Universal secrets of Karen’s Kundalini to manifest your dreams and live your purpose!


Space is limited to 20 people, so reserve your spot now!


$750 Deposit


Activate your infinite power to:


+Break through your mind’s limitations

+Ignite your personal power and build confidence

+Raise your vibration and supercharge your energy and intuition

+Discover your inner gifts and true purpose in the world

+Be a presence for healing on the planet




Learn Universal life secrets to open the gateway to higher consciousness to alchemize your blocks, release patterns and unite with the divine. Experience these mystical techniques and unlock your true inner power to manifest your dreams and live your purpose!


Third Eye Awakening, Meditation and

Kundalini Empowerment Techniques

Karen will share methods derived from ancient secret practices that she has simplified into a unique program for you to use in your daily life for healing, anti-aging and elevating consciousness.


Be the first to learn powerful teachings from her new book to make the changes in your life you always wanted to! You can now have the formulas to go beyond affirmations and inspirational talks to actually living a magical life of happiness and abundance!


Why work with Karen?

Receive Karen’s high vibrational energies to break up the old programs and awaken your inner light to expand into oneness.

For 35 years she has worked with thousands of people, sharing her divine Kundalini for healing and awakening the light within you.

She has trained with Master teachers and Gurus and learned mystical practices that few people know and have given her direct contact with higher source.


Karen doesn’t wear a turban and takes a non-denominational approach to sharing her wisdom. Karen will take you from where you are to where you want to be in your life. She will serve as a guide for you to tap into and access this higher source to free you from your past and propel you towards your future.  A life of ease, happiness and authentic power.



Gourmet Organic Vegetarian Meals


Enjoy locally grown organic vegetarian meals from our favorite specialty chef Davina! She is flying in from Honolulu to join us in California to create our delicious and nutritious retreat meals!


*Please let us know about any dietary restrictions*




Time To Reflect and Relax


Dancing Deer Retreat Setting

Our retreat takes place on Dancing Deer’s private 45 acres, surrounded by a mix of open space and wineries. We are in a peaceful setting conducive to relaxation, reflection and creativity. This special place of unparalleled beauty, award-winning wineries, verdant hills and blue skies, has been rated a 5-Star Host to hundreds of retreats for groups from around the world.



Enjoy Comfortable Accommodations and Living Space

Double occupancy rooms available upon request, and up to five in a room available. Register early to reserve a room of your choice.


Beach, Hot Springs, and other local attractions

Experience inner harmony at the nearby beach in between our retreat program!



Or enjoy the nearby hot springs and vineyards!



Private Sessions with Karen

Available Upon Request


Please schedule in advance to reserve your appointment since space is limited. Appointments will be on first come first serve basis.

1 1/2 Hour Session

1 Hour Session


We offer you this chance to join us for a magical journey in California to elevate your energies and create magic in your life!

The moment you have been waiting for is here.


Pay Today To Get Your Best Price

Register today for $1,650

$1,650 to join our retreat


Only 20 spots available, so reserve your space now!

$750 Deposit

*Includes accommodations (Occupancy 2-5 in a room. First come first serve basis,) vegetarian gourmet meals, and retreat program. Flights and other incidentals will be your responsibility and we cannot guarantee flight prices/availability, especially as the date of the retreat gets closer.