Empowered Chakras For Anti-aging 3-Part Kundalini Transformation Workshop Part 3


Empowered Chakras For Anti-Aging

Kundalini Transformation Workshop

How Can I Heal Spiritually?

 Fee: $30.00

Location: Koelbel Library, Meeting Room B, Centennial CO

Part 3: November 7th, 7:00-8:30pm


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This evening workshop teaches techniques to activate your Kundalini to support reversing aging and healing the body, and elevating your consciousness.

You will learn specific Kundalini movements, breathing practices and mantras to assist you in healing spiritually. Discover the power of the Chakra system and change your current physical, emotional and spiritual state to a higher vibration and awareness. You may use these techniques as a daily spiritual practice to continue building your Kundalini and vitality.

Materials: Please bring your yoga mat, pillow to sit on and a water bottle.

This listing is for just Part 3 of the workshop, but you do not have to have attended any other portion of the workshop to attend this.

If you need to purchase all 3 of the workshop parts, please click HERE.