Thursday, April 8th-10, 2021 3 Day Spring Cleanse


3-Day Spring Cleanse

Thursday, April 8th – Saturday, April 10th, 2021

 Fee: $48.00

Location: Online, From Your Own Home

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It’s time to cleanse toxins that have built up over the winter and purify your body, organ systems, and blood, resetting your metabolism and balancing your constitution/dosha. Release excess fat, toxins, and old thoughts, and recharge using our Master Cleanse, Ayurveda, and Kundalini techniques. This powerful cleanse will recharge your energies to step into Spring with a renewed mind, body, emotions, and spiritual awareness!

It’s suggested that you take our Purify Your Fear on The Dark Moon class to prepare yourself for the Spring Cleanse.

Upon registration, you will be sent instructions for your cleanse.