Exercise to Eliminate Negative Thoughts

Exercise to Eliminate Negative Thoughts

Exercise to Eliminate Negative ThoughtsTry this simple 3-minute breathing and visualization technique to transform negative thoughts.  This can be used any time during the day when you feel stressed, or at night prior to sleep to transform negative thoughts into positive thoughts and feelings.

1. Be seated comfortably in a chair or cross legged on the floor. Relax your body.

2. Begin inhaling through the nostrils, taking in new, positive energy and love.  Fill your lungs and body with the positive energy of love and light.  Exhale through the nostrils, releasing the negativity, toxins and tired energy.  Continue this breathing technique for 3-minutes.

3. Once complete place both hands on your heart center (center of chest).  Begin observing the rising and falling of the breath without altering the breath. With each breath you may say a silent mantra such as:  “ I am taking in love and kindness, I am love and kindness.”  Continue for 30 seconds -3 minutes. The heart energy will transform negativity into your true nature of love and kindness.