Retreating and Replenishing with a Yoga Retreat

We all need time to retreat and replenish…

Yoga Retreat

Relax and Retreat with Karen Korona on a Yoga RetreatWe all need time to retreat and replenish, taking time away from our busy lives. However most women and men don’t invest their time or money in this essential practice of life.

To keep a balance and remain healthy you need to be sure you are replenishing, taking in energy to renew. Most people are depleted and continue to drain themselves mentally and physically.  Often over time early aging, disease and illness will surface in the body and mind.

Retreat is also healthy for the soul.  You need to feed your inner self to develop your spiritually and creatively.  Connecting to your higher power within will bring great happiness and peace, and supply you with lots of inner strength and guidance for your life ahead.

You might consider taking a vacation retreat to replenish, instead of indulging in the usual sightseeing  vacation with overeating and drinking. These activities will overwork the organs and body systems and in the long-run add to more depletion.  Although this might look appealing to the mind, it will not provide you with the relaxed state your body and mind is needing to refuel and replenish.

It’s similar to feeling tired after a day’s work and sitting in front of the T.V. thinking you are letting go and relaxing. However you’re not really relaxing and rejuvenating your mind and body in front of the T.V.  Many people say that they go to bed tired or stressed and wake up tired and stressed with little relief. Often they need coffee to wake them up, and sleeping pills to help the body shut down and sleep.

A vacation retreat would incorporate movement of the body, fun, healthy activities, relaxation of the mind and time for inner reflection.  A yoga and healing retreat such as our Loving Presence and Vitality Retreat will provide a program for you to rejuvenate, relax, heal, and have fun in healthy ways.  This type of vacation enhances your vitality and happiness to build a strong and healthy future.  Investing in your health and well-being is like an insurance plan for your future.

If you are unable to retreat for one week out of the year, schedule mini retreats on a weekend or build time during your week with the intention of retreating and replenishing.  Karen’s Ramadasa Method can provide you with inner tools and healthy tips to incorporate in your daily life to reach happiness and vitality.

Love yourself and take the time to invest in your health, happiness and wellness. Don’t wait until you have run yourself down and become ill.  You can prevent disease and early aging, while growing spiritually with a simple retreat for one week, one weekend, one day or even one minute.  Let go of your mind, release the tension in your body, breathe and retreat!