Tree Meditation for Calm and Rejuvenation

The Karen Korona Challenge:

Tree Meditation for Calm and Rejuvenation


Tree Meditation for Calm and Rejuvenation
Join the Karen Korona Challenge during the month of July and stand as still as a tree!  Feet hips distance apart, close your eyes and spot a point on the ground.  Visualize your feet rooted in the earth.  Relax your body and be very still. Resist every itch and temptation to move.  Begin with 15 seconds and work your way up to 3-minutes.

The tension will eventually release, and your body and mind will fall into relaxation. The benefit of a 3-minute Tree Meditation is calm and rejuvenation.  It only takes 3-minutes to change the chemical balance of the brain and body.


During the challenge please share your experience and connect with your fellow challengers by tagging #KarenKoronaChallenge, on Facebook and Twitter!


When you have met the 3-minute challenge, send your photo stating “I met the challenge” by tagging #KarenKoronaChallenge and you will receive a free gift!


Happy challenge everyone!