Joy, Bliss and Healing Retreat in Ka’a’awa Hawaii


Joy, Bliss and Healing Retreat

with Karen Korona, M.S., Holistic Health and Wellness Practitioner

Vibrant Health ~ Joyful Living ~Spiritual Awareness 
May 28th – June 2nd, 2018 
Location: Windward Retreat Center, Ka’a’awa, Hawaii 
Includes accommodations, 3 daily gourmet vegetarian meals and retreat program!  
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Joy, Bliss and Healing Retreat

Windward Retreat Center

Ka’a’awa, Hawai’i

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$600 Deposit


Get Ready for a life-changing week in tropical Hawai’i!


Experience 6 days in one of the richest and most sacred parts of Hawai’i to retrieve your soul and awaken your inner nature and presence!

Release stress and revitalize

Discover self-empowerment

Uncover your passionate purpose

Joy, Bliss and Healing will include the magical journey below:


mexico 1Morning Meditation Walk On The Beach

Begin your day with a mediation walk at sunrise to clear your mind and connect to nature. Experience mind-body techniques on the beach to rejuvenate, center and heighten awareness.




Daily Breathing and Kundalini Yoga

As you listen to the ocean waves, you will be guided through a progression of Kundalini yoga techniques, to awaken presence, dissolve blocks and revitalize. Breathing combined with movement will open energy channels and promote harmony of mind, body and spirit.





Daily Mindfulness Methods and Meditation

We will gather in the afternoon for a meditation and mindfulness class, to calm the mind and open to your higher power to receive purification, healing and awareness.





3 Day Body Detox Program

During our retreat, you will experience a juice detoxification program to purify the body and mind. Enjoy fresh organic veggie juices throughout the three days! You may supplement the juice with fruits, veggies or light plant protein if necessary. (Karen will provide suggestions regarding the program for your individual health needs.)



Gourmet Organic Vegetarian Meals

Enjoy locally grown organic vegetarian meals from a local specialty chef. Meals will be catered to our retreat center daily. These are delicious and nutritious gourmet menus!








 Time To Reflect and Relax

Relax and enjoy free time in the morning and early afternoon for inner reflection, sunbathing and playing in the ocean!



Private Sessions with Karen Available Upon Request


Healing treatments and consultations are available with Karen for an extra fee during free time. Please schedule in advance since space is limited. Please make payment prior to your session here prior to your departure for the retreat, or cash/check payment will be accepted at the time of treatment.

60 Minute Private Session 90 Minute Private Session

We are in a private and peaceful setting conductive to relaxation, reflection and creativity.


Enjoy comfortable accommodations and living space at the retreat center.





Single occupancy rooms available at a house rental across the street for an additional $175.00 for the week.


 We’ll have additional activities on some evenings such as gathering around the fire pit!


Experience adventures in the rainforest, on beaches, in nearby temples and more!


Enjoy picnics, hanging out at the beach and sacred walks.





Experience inner harmony on the windward coast of Oahu.


All of the beaches in Kaʻaʻawa have turquoise waters and palm trees. In parts of beach the sand is so fine it feels like powder between your toes!


Renew your soul on a magical journey surrounded by the scared Ko’olau Mountains just steps from a white sandy beach!


Come join us in Ka’a’awa Hawaii to elevate your energies and free your spirit!


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Karen Korona, M.S. is a Holistic Health and Wellness Practitioner who has been offering healing and transformational programs integrating a unique blend of spiritual and healing techniques for over 30 years. She has supported thousands of people using holistic healing therapies, meditation and yoga techniques, and mind-body exercises, guiding them to a healthy lifestyle of peace, happiness and vitality. Karen provides private sessions, workshops and retreats nationally and internationally.