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Welcome to Karen’s Ramadasa Method, a healing and transformational program developed for women, men and families. Her program offers private sessions, classes and retreats, implementing healing treatments, spiritual counseling, Kundalini yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic and nutritional education.  

Ramadasa, derived from an Indian-Hindu mantra, means “Sun, Moon, Earth, Infinity God”. It represents the true nature and balance that we have within. Karen guides you back to your balance and inner nature, for you to return to optimal health and spiritual well-being. She offers techniques to awaken your spiritual heart center and increase your vitality, to live from vibrant health and loving presence.

If you are in a life transition, healing from an illness, needing to replenish, or ready to release your ego and live from the heart, Karen’s Ramadasa Method will support you on your path to happiness, peace and healing. Karen’s Ramadasa Method facilitates:

  • Releasing blocks and limiting patterns
  • Healing, restoring the body and returning to vibrant health
  • Transforming fear, negative emotions and stress
  • Developing forgiveness, compassion and gratitude
  • Awakening your inner nature and opening to Universal love

 This unique method has supported thousands of women men and families over the past 30 years. Karen will help to design a program that best supports your health condition and personal/spiritual goals. Karen’s Ramadasa Method provides the guidance and tools you need to tap into the Universal love within and journey into awareness, happiness, and vibrant health. Begin your path to vitality and loving presence today!

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