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Karen offers holistic healing treatments for women, men and children. Each treatment is uniquely designed, integrating a light touch healing technique, craniosacral therapy, and spiritual counseling, to promote your body’s natural ability to purify, heal, and revitalize.

Karen supports you in tapping into your true nature, to facilitate your healing of the body and emotions, and opening your inner awareness. Her treatments are relaxing and rejuvenating, harmonizing the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states of being.


Schedule A Session With Karen

Initial Session

During your initial session, Karen will review your history, provide a full assessment and healing treatment, and suggest a program for you to attain optimal health and wellness. She will additionally recommend an Ayurveda-nutritional educational plan to promote your healing process. Karen may suggest an individual home program or class for your continued healing and transformation. Initial sessions are approximately 95 minutes; subsequent treatments are scheduled for 1-2 hours.

Out-Of-Town Clients

Karen offers phone consultations and long-distance healing treatments for her out-of-town clients. The consultations provide guidance for your healing, spiritual growth and empowerment, and include a self-healing home program. During the healing treatment, Karen works with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies for you to release tension, balance and heal. Her healing presence will travel to you as if you were with her in person! The long distance treatments are provided during the day or night.  You will feel relaxed and peaceful during the treatment, and rejuvenated upon completion.

Intensive 5-7 Day Intensive Healing Programs

You may enroll in a 5-7 day intensive healing program to work with Karen. Her intensive programs include a series of healing and holistic health treatments, Ayurvedic and nutritional educational and yogic and mediation healing techniques. The program also provides you with a comprehensive home program to continue supporting your health and well being on a daily basis. This unique intensive program quickens your healing and wellness, and is suggested for clients with severe conditions.

Developing Your Treatment Program

Karen will develop a treatment program for your healing and transformational journey, and will include the modalities below to support you in attaining your desired goals.

KarenKoronaScreenGrab8-compressorTouch-Healing Treatments

Karen’s healing treatments utilize a light-touch technique applied to various pressure points in the body to release blocks, and re-direct energy to flow freely throughout the energy pathways and chakras. Her healing touch balances and revitalizes the body systems, including the organs, endocrine and nervous systems. Karen’s treatments transforms negative emotions and awakens the Universal love within, balancing emotions, heightening awareness and reprogramming the body to health and vitality. This unique healing technique promotes purification and rejuvenation, releases stress, and supports your body’s natural ability to strengthen and heal. Her touch-healing treatments and spiritual guidance enhances happiness, peace and optimal health!  

Integrating Other Modalities

Karen often integrates craniosacral therapy in her healing treatments to balance the cranium, spine and nervous system. When necessary, she may use the healing bowls and crystal/gem healing to promote relaxing and harmonizing the body and energy systems. In some cases, the use of aromatherapy (high-grade essential oils) may be implemented to purify and strengthen the body and emotions.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a non-invasive manipulative procedure applied to the skull, spine, sacrum and coccyx. This method is used to test, release and normalize cranial and spinal restrictions. The technique calms the nervous system and restores the cranosacral system to equilibrium, health and balance.  Craniosacral therapy enhances sensory, motor and neurological functioning. This therapy supports normal development of the brain and spine, and assists balancing your body following an injury, illness or disorder.

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling is available for individual, couples and families. Karen’s counseling provides guidance and inner tools to heighten your awareness, and to assist you in opening the Universal love within to live from happiness and peace. She also integrates spiritual counseling in her touch-healing treatments offering guidance and support for your healing and transformational journey.

Ayurveda and Nutritional Education

Karen’s nutritional education provides you with information on food, diet, herbal teas and supplements to create a daily nutritional program to bring balance and vitality to your body and emotions. Karen educates you on a variety of resources including high-alkaline diet, Ayurvedic medicine, cooking with organic foods, herbs and spices., and will develop a program that is specific to your health and wellness needs.

Home Self-Healing and Transformational Programs

Karen will design a self-healing and transformational home program to support your healing process and enhance your personal and spiritual development. The home program may include one or more of the following techniques: yoga, meditation, breathing, visualization, aromatherapy, nutritional education, and healing touch points. Karen will teach you self-healing methods and spiritual techniques to assist you on your journey.

Healing and Wellness for Family Pets

Karen provides healing and wellness treatments and consultations for family pets. If you are interested in learning more about animal sessions, click here:

Zeusie Heathly Pet

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Rejuvenate Naturally

Rejuvenate Naturally There are a few simple ways to rejuvenate naturally.  I like to break these up into 2 major categories: conserving your energy, and purifying and renewing energy. Conserving Your Energy 1. Take time out from technology and media.  Your brain and body needs a rest from all the constant stimulation around you.  Time to shut the phone, computer and T.V. off and relax, especially and hour before going to sleep at night. 2. Make time for relaxation daily.  Play soothing music, take a bath, or do a meditation. Take your lunch break and go outside for a walk, […]

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Open Your Heart To Happiness:  Lotus Mudra

Here is a simple Lotus Mudra to help you open your heart to love and happiness.  A mudra is a position of the body/hands used at a symbol to program a new thought and feeling in your brain and consciousness. Mudras have been used since ancient times to open joy in the heart and reconnect you to the light and love within. They are a silent meditation and the sign language of yoga to alter your attitude and perceptions, while deepening awareness and concentration. Place your hands in prayer position in front of your heart, opening the palms and forming a lotus […]

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Exercise For Releasing Stress and Relaxing by Karen Korona

6 Relaxation Exercises Tips to Help Relieve Stress

Exercise For Releasing Stress and RelaxingRelaxation Exercises to Help Relieve Stress 1. Find a quiet place “to be”.  It’s difficult to relax when there is activity and loud sounds around you.  Create a special place and time in your home where you can retreat when you want and need to.  Create a place outside where you can relax such as sitting under your favorite tree or next to a pond. 2. Once you have found a quiet place, sit or lie down and begin listening to your breath.  Your breath is a sweet, rhythmical song that is calming.  Focusing on […]

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6  Ways to Unlock Your Creative Potential

These 6 tips will support you in unlocking your creative potential: 1. Become Inspired And Inspire Others Inspire yourself first.  Consider the habits and rituals that fill your heart and build your creativity and energy that will inspire others. Show up as your best. 2. Be Comfortable Out Of Your Comfort Zone Growth and development happens when you are out of your comfort zone.  Focus on remaining balanced outside of your comfort zone so you may grow into the vision you are holding for yourself. 3. Be Present In The Moment Pay attention to the moment and release your digital […]

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Exercise to Open Your True Self

Exercise to Open Your True SelfGaze into the mirror softy.  Relax your outer eyes and begin focusing inwardly.  Relax your body. Your gaze is guiding you inward to your true Self. As you look into the mirror, watch the light and happiness in your eyes begin to shine. Use a slight, Mona Lisa smile and sense your heart opening.  Take a deep breath and say, “I am beautiful, I am abundant, I am love”. Continue the exercise for 1-3 minutes.

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Relax and Retreat with Karen Korona Yoga Retreat

Retreating and Replenishing with a Yoga Retreat

We all need time to retreat and replenish…Yoga Retreat We all need time to retreat and replenish, taking time away from our busy lives. However most women and men don’t invest their time or money in this essential practice of life. To keep a balance and remain healthy you need to be sure you are replenishing, taking in energy to renew. Most people are depleted and continue to drain themselves mentally and physically.  Often over time early aging, disease and illness will surface in the body and mind. Retreat is also healthy for the soul.  You need to feed your […]

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Karen Korona

Exercise How To Renew Yourself In Love

Exercise How To Renew Yourself In Love How to Renew yourself in love everyday with this simple exercise. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Relax and visualize yourself surrounded by white light. With each deep breath draw the white light in from every direction imaging it circulating through your heart center.  With each exhalation breathe the white light from your heart center out and  through your entire body, extending beyond your body. As you inhale feel the love enter your body, holding and supporting you. In gratitude allow every cell in your body to be purified and renewed with white […]

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New Transition With Ease And Grace

New Transition With Ease And Grace Everyone has experiences in life that are challenging. These challenges can be considered life lessons that launch you into new awareness to ultimately have a happier and more fulfilling life. Once a new awareness has been birthed we begin a “death” process of the old ways.  This is natural cycle that occurs between death of the old and birth of the new, empowered you! It’s normal to waiver during this transition until you are anchored in the the new awareness.  Here are some tips to support you during this time: 1. Stay focused on […]

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Karen Korona Meditating

The Secret To Healing

The Secret to Healing In my 31 years as a Holistic Healer,  I have seen thousands of women and men with injuries, illnesses and diseases.  They basically have all asked the same questions to me:  “What is the secret to healing?”  Everyone wants to know the way back to their happiness and good health. First it’s important to realize how you got out of balance.  What stress have you had in your life,  and have you absorbed that stress into your body?  What are your habits and lifestyle?  Are you respecting your body and giving it what it needs to […]

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Springtime Body Cleanse

Body Cleanse A gentle spring cleanse is a way to clear away toxins and renew yourself on every level. During this time of rebirth, there are a few simple changes you can make with your foods, supplements and lifestyle to purify, balance and get in tune with nature. Toxins build up in the body from environmental causes and inner stresses. Toxins must be purified from the body to prevent disease, illness and aging.  The organs associated with the Spring season and are essential to detoxifying the body are the liver and gallbladder.  The liver is responsible for over 500 different […]

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