Open Your Heart To Happiness:  Lotus Mudra

Here is a simple Lotus Mudra to help you open your heart to love and happiness.  A mudra is a position of the body/hands used at a symbol to program a new thought and feeling in your brain and consciousness. Mudras have been used since ancient times to open joy in the heart and reconnect you to the light and love within. They are a silent meditation and the sign language of yoga to alter your attitude and perceptions, while deepening awareness and concentration.

Place your hands in prayer position in front of your heart, opening the palms and forming a lotus with thumbs and pinkie fingers touching. Out of the mud comes the most beautiful flower, this is the story of our transformation each and every day. With daily practice we can remain open and loving.

Mudras move us toward joy, reconnecting us with our highest selves.

Mudras are a meditation, a silent form of chanting, that have changed my life and literally lifted me out of some dark places. I find it fitting that 'mud' is in the word, as mudras have the power to lift us up out of our internal muddiness and heavy sluggishness, so we can lean into the light.

Mudras are the sign language of yoga, often referred to as energetic ‘seals’ as they can alter our attitude and perceptions, while deepening awareness and concentration. They're just as important as the chaturanga or the backbend because like all asanas, mudras remind us that happiness comes from within a very deep place inside ourselves...and it's our job to call it up.