Rejuvenate Naturally

Rejuvenate Naturally

There are a few simple ways to rejuvenate naturally.  I like to break these up into 2 major categories: conserving your energy, and purifying and renewing energy.

Conserving Your Energy

1. Take time out from technology and media.  Your brain and body needs a rest from all the constant stimulation around you.  Time to shut the phone, computer and T.V. off and relax, especially and hour before going to sleep at night.

2. Make time for relaxation daily.  Play soothing music, take a bath, or do a meditation. Take your lunch break and go outside for a walk, get away from the computer and other people for a little while.

3. Create time for silence.  When in a state of non-talk you are conserving energy.  Make this a mindfulness exercise and take 30 minutes or more everyday to be silent.

4. Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake.  These are substances that take your energy from your body and over time deplete you.

5. Protect yourself from other people’s stress and negativity.  Hold intention that you are not going to take it in, and push away the stress and drama.  Use a longer exhalation and create space between you and the stressful outside world. You can also create a beautiful bubble of light around you to visualize shielding yourself from negativity.

Calm yourself down when you are feeling stressed. Begin focusing on soothing your eyes to relax your body and nervous system.

Purifying and Renewing Your Energy

1. Remember to breathe.  Without forcing your breath, focus on taking long deep breaths to purify and rejuvenate.  Practice breathing from your belly.

2. Focus on the body systems that are needing rejuvenation.  Visualize and breathe into your heart, kidneys or belling, whatever you feel is needing extra attention.  Use a beautiful color in the body, suggesting relaxation and rejuvenation. Visualize yourself fully rested and rejuvenated.

3. Hydrate your body.  Drink plenty of water, and eat fruit for hydration. Fruit contains 90% water.  Lack of water will cause fatigue and tiredness of the brain.  The brain is the first place in the body to become dehydrated.

4. Eat mindfully.  Eat healthy foods that will nourish your body and provide the vitality you are desiring. Eat without stress or loud sounds around you.  Be relaxed and in gratitude while eating and digesting your food.  Every bite counts!

5. Improve your sleep by going to bed on time (11:00pm-1:00am are the most important hours for rejuvenating during sleep), remove the clutter from your room before sleeping and relax before going into sleep. You may want to take some deep breaths, or do a relaxation visualization or meditation prior to sleep, to relax your body systems and brain before entering sleep, so enhance deep, rejuvenating sleep.

6. Move and exercise daily to circulate your blood, release toxins and stress.  Movement is important for purification and revitalization of your mind and body.