Return To Your Inner Nature: Visualization and Meditation Technique

Return To Your Inner Nature: Visualization and Meditation Technique

1. Sit in a comfortable position.  Close your eyes and relax, and take a deep breath through your heart center (center of your chest.)

2. Visualize that you are seated on the beach listening to the ocean waves.  You begin focusing on the rhythm of the waves, relaxing your body deeper and deeper.

3. Place your right hand on top of your left on the heart center. Sense the rising and falling of your breath through your heart without altering your breath.

4. Feel the gentle movement of your breath rising as you image the ocean wave building and peaking. (Your breath is filling and expanding in your chest as the wave grows in height and steepness.) At the top of your breath, in the stillness between your breaths, image the wave toppling and forming a breaker and moving toward the shore.  As your breath falls image the wave going back into the sea. Sense the stillness between your breaths just before the next wave builds. Continue 1-3 minutes.

5. Release your hands and place them on your knees, palms facing up. Continue to feel the ocean waves moving through your heart center.  In gratitude, you are returning to your inner nature as you are resonating with the movement of the ocean waves.