Springtime Body Cleanse

Body Cleanse

Body CleanseA gentle spring cleanse is a way to clear away toxins and renew yourself on every level. During this time of rebirth, there are a few simple changes you can make with your foods, supplements and lifestyle to purify, balance and get in tune with nature.

Toxins build up in the body from environmental causes and inner stresses. Toxins must be purified from the body to prevent disease, illness and aging.  The organs associated with the Spring season and are essential to detoxifying the body are the liver and gallbladder.  The liver is responsible for over 500 different functions including detoxifying environmental chemicals, storing certain vitamins, controlling cholesterol levels, metabolizing fat, and even regulating hormones.

Here are some suggestions for your spring cleanse:

Food and Diet

1. Focus on a healthy diet that includes lots of organic veggies and some fruit. Reduce your intake of animal protein, especially red meat and dairy.  Avoid foods that promote inflammation such as sugar, trans fats, alcohol, processed foods and caffeine.

2. Incorporate alkaline foods such as cucumber, kale, sea vegetables, parsley, sprouts, chard, avocado and broccoli.  These foods counter acidity and help the body eliminate toxins.

3. Hydrate with purified water.  Also include herbal teas and vegetable broth.  Fiber helps to release toxins from your digestive system and probiotic foods and supplements enhance healthy flora in the digestive tract.

Exercise and Mindfulness

Boost your metabolism and circulation through exercise and meditation techniques.  This helps eliminate toxins and reduce body fat. Exercise and meditation are excellent ways to release stress and negativity in your mind and body. It supports detoxification and builds vitality in the body. Schedule specific times to exercise and meditate.


Taking supplements can increase and support detoxification of the body.

Garlic, dandelion, cilantro, and milk thistle help to pull toxins and heavy metals out of the body and safely eliminate them out of the body.  Lemon water helps to remove toxins is an excellent tonic for the liver.  Other plant-based ingredients such as cardamom, pomegranate, licorice and cinnamon support healthy digestion.  Include 1000mg of vitamin c and add turmeric to further your detoxification and decrease inflammation.

Information taken from Karen and various sources including Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAcand  Michelle Schoffro Cook.

Consult with a holistic health practitioner to understand the best diet, herbs and supplements that would best support your health condition.