Yoga For The Heart – Heart Poses

Heart Poses with Karen

Enjoy these simple heart-opening poses!  Stretch and expand your heart center, increase circulation to the heart and support lowering blood pressure.    

Open Heart Pose 1

Karen Korona in open heart pose. Sit with your legs crossed on the floor or in a chair comfortably seated.  Raise the arms into a V position.  You may open the palms completely or touch index finger to thumb.  Begin taking 3 deep, long breaths, or use the Kundalini “breath of fire” for 1-3 minutes.  

Open Heart Pose 2

  Kneel and be seated on your feet.  Place your hands in back of you, expand and open the heart and chest and let your head draw back.  Take 3 long, deep breaths then gently come out of the pose when you are ready.  

Open Heart Pose 3

  Lie back on a big ball.  Balance yourself to be stable, then reach your arms back to touch the floor if you can.(Otherwise let your hands hang.)   Breathe deeply and enjoy!  Slowly come out of the pose when you are ready.