New Transition With Ease And Grace

New Transition With Ease And Grace

Everyone has experiences in life that are challenging. These challenges can be considered life lessons that launch you into new awareness to ultimately have a happier and more fulfilling life.

Once a new awareness has been birthed we begin a “death” process of the old ways.  This is natural cycle that occurs between death of the old and birth of the new, empowered you!

It’s normal to waiver during this transition until you are anchored in the the new awareness.  Here are some tips to support you during this time:

1. Stay focused on the new that is birthing, knowing this new awareness is your destination.  Focusing on the old will only delay your journey.

2. Trust the journey of where your higher self is taking you.  Surrender to the Universal Love when your ego is pulling you back into the old perceptions.

3. Hold onto your inner truth even when it looks like things aren’t working around you.  Remember that you are creating your life with your thoughts, feelings and actions moment to moment.

4. Visual yourself in your new empowered state. Feel the power and freedom of your new state.  In your mind you have already arrived in the new.

5. Relax and be happy as you journey.  This is the art of life!  When you have completed this life lesson, there will be another one.  Life is full of experiences to help you learn and grow into your creative, empowered self!