The Benefits of Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

karen-in-tree-poseThe benefits of practicing the Tree Pose:

•    Stretches your inner thighs, groin and shoulders.
•    Strengthens your thighs, calves, core, and foot muscles.
•    Strengthens your posture.
•    Calms and relaxes your mind and central nervous system.
•    Develops balance.
•    Increases your mind / body awareness.

Steps for the Tree Pose:

1.    Stand tall with feet in parallel and hip width apart.
2.    Gaze forward at a focal point. Engage your core muscles as you shift your weight to your right foot.
3.    As you inhale, raise your left foot and place the sole of your left foot on your ankle, calf, mid thigh, or upper thigh with your toes pointing down.
4.    Keep your gaze at one point as you breathe.
5.    Feel that your left knee is comfortably pointing out to the side.
6.    Gently press your left foot into the right inner leg.
7.    Feel an energetic connection rising from the inner arch of the right foot upwards to your inner groin line.
8.    Place palms in the prayer at the heart. As you inhale, slowly raise your arms overhead extending out reaching to the sky. Continue to hold here for several breaths.
9.    As you exit, exhale and slowly lower your palms to heart and softly place your left foot on the floor. Pause to shake the right foot.
10.  Repeat on the other side.