Healing the Body and Mind Through Positive Thought and Laughter

Healing with Laughter

Karen Korona Healing with LaughterThe body naturally responds to positive thoughts and feelings.  It reacts negatively to stress and negative thoughts, and over time the negativity will create an imbalance in the body and and may manifest a disease or illness.  You can prevent disease and heal the body using positive thoughts and laughter!

Positive thoughts and laughter will dissolve negativity.  Be mindful of any negative thoughts that surface and immediately neutralize it with a positive thought.  This is a fun awareness game that is very effective.  You can also utilize laughter as a meditation technique to release blocks in the emotional and physical bodies. Try laughing for 1-3 minutes as a purification to dissolve emotional and physical blocks. The longer you laugh, the more effective the cleanse will be for your body, mind and emotions.

Positive thoughts create positive healing energy that is good medicine for your body, mind and spirit. Focusing your mind to be positive even when you are feeling down, will empower you and reprogram the body, mind and emotions back to happiness and vitality.

Your positive focus allows you to empower yourself while negative thoughts become disempowering.  Take charge of your life with positive thoughts and laughter and heal your body and mind.