Find yourSELF in Ka’a’awa, Hawai’i as we journey into a magical inner world to heighten awareness and unlock your true potential.

Joy, Bliss and Healing Retreat

with Karen Korona, M.S., Holistic Health and Wellness Practitioner 

Spend 7 days in one of the richest and most sacred parts of Hawaiʻi to retrieve your soul and return to deep peace and rest within.

Release stress and revitalize

Discover self-empowerment

Uncover your passionate purpose



Renew your soul in the tropical rainforest ringed by the Ko'olau Mountains, just steps from a white sandy beach!


May 28th - June 2nd 

Windward Retreat Center

Ka'a'awa, Hawai'i


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“I am a new woman ~ I released stress that I was carrying for years! Karen’s retreat gave me the tools to find peace and be happy in my life!” —DK











Joy, Bliss and Healing Retreat

You'll learn how to release stress, open to your True self, enhance healing and vitality, self-empower, and return to calm. Plus, you'll discover ways to dissolve blocks while practicing new techniques to balance emotions and connect to presence and purpose. Our Joy, Bliss and Healing Retreat will assist you in releasing the old programs with natural and effective methods. Our retreat supports your own unique journey to establish new, positive patterns to receive abundance, joy, bliss, and empowerment!

In 7 Magical Days, become one with nature within you and around you and transform your life!

Cleanse Your Body ~ Restore Your Energy ~ Renew Your Being

Enjoy daily sunrise meditation walks on the beach, yoga techniques and meditation methods, breathing, mindfulness exercises to purify, replenish and renew!   (Includes accommodations, gourmet organic vegetarian meals and retreat program)



Karen Korona, M.S. is a Holistic Health and Wellness Practitioner who has been offering healing and transformational programs integrating a unique blend of spiritual and healing techniques for over 30 years. She has supported thousands of people using holistic healing therapies, meditation and yoga techniques, and mind-body exercises, guiding them to a healthy lifestyle of peace, happiness and vitality. Karen provides private sessions, workshops and retreats nationally and internationally.