Testimonials of Healing

I've suffered from years of back and neck pain, chronic fatigue, depression, TMJ, and digestive problems. Traditional and alternative therapies failed to cure my problems. Since I began seeing Karen three months ago, I'm feeling relieved from pain, energized and happy! - Cathy

I suffered from severe car accident injuries: a broken back, pelvis, jaw, in a coma, and bedridden. Years of physical therapy left pain, neurological impairments, fatigue, and depression. I'm 10 X's faster, stronger, relaxed and without depression from four months of Karen's treatments. My athletic excellence is returning, and feel neurologically capable to enroll in college this fall! - B.D.

Dear Karen - Thank you so much for my session on Monday. I was way relaxed (or balanced)! The world is full of abundance. I am grateful for my time with you now & in the future. - Sharon

Karen's healing work is powerful, refined and full of pure Light. She can identify and help shift lifelong patterns of the mind, emotions and body, and she can help you heal your relationships, as well as your soul. My work with her has been literally life-saving. - Sue

Starting treatments with Karen Korona has literally been life changing for me.  I have suffered with migraines for 40 years and have been on every medication and tried a variety of treatments.  I have been treated by at least 6 different doctors/clinics.  I had resigned myself to the fact that this would be a lifelong problem.  After meeting Karen and hearing about the work she did, I have to admit that I was skeptical, but I was so desperate that I thought I should give it a try.  

Karen has a personality and a spirituality that is compelling, and she gave me confidence that she could help me, so I fully commited to her treatments and her ability to improve my condition.  After 2 treatments I started to feel a difference and my headaches stopped completely.  Her treatments are very therapeutic and restorative, and after 6 treatments, I can honestly say that I felt "cured."  This has been a miracle in my life and I am SO grateful to have met her.  I am now off my preventive medications and I am no longer seeing the neurologist that I was seeing every 3 months.  I feel like a new person and it is so amazing to not have to live in constant fear of waking up with a migraine or developing one at any point in time.  

I have recommended Karen to a number of people with different conditions and I have total confidence in her ability.  My only regret is that I didn't meet her decades ago. - Holly

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