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Upcoming Workshops & Events

Upcoming Workshops & Events

January 18th 2021 Opening to the Light

Opening to the Light Meditation

January 18th, 2022

Online Event



Our Opening to the Light meditation evening will support your alignment with Universal source to set the foundation for your purpose and passion.

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Kundalini Reset Challenge 1/30/22

Kundalini Reset Challenge

7-Day or 10-Day Challenge Options

January 30th, 2022 - February 5th

or February 9th

Transform your mind, body, and emotions to quickly experience a new reality of inner peace, happiness, and vitality.

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Chakra Power Workshop Part 1

Chakra Power Kundalini Training

Part 1: Enliven Your Body & Mind







Discover how you can activate the nadis energy channels and chakras to enliven your body and mind!

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Chakra Power Workshop Part 2

Chakra Power Kundalini Training

Part 2: Awaken Your Spiritual Centers




Experience this Chakra Power Part 2 Workshop and awaken your spiritual centers in the upper chakras to enhance your emotional development and spiritual evolution.

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March 25th, 2020 Kundalini To Strengthen Immune System Magnetic Field

Kundalini Yoga To Strengthen Immune System Magnetic Field





This 3-part program includes 3 video recordings. You can do all three recording consecutively, or practice the Pranayama Breathing or Immune System Therapy technique separately. It's suggested the prior to doing the Kundalini Kriyas you do at least one Breathing exercise first. You can then use all of the Kundalini movements, or select a few from the program that resonate with you.

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