Mexico Retreat


Holistic Health and Wellness Retreat

with Karen Korona, M.S. Holisitc Health Practitioner

Vibrant Health • Joyful Living • Spiritual Awareness

October 16 – 22, 2016

Location: Villa Del Palmar Flamingos Resort & Spa

Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

Fee: $2100

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Your Time To Restore

Peace, Happiness and Vitality Retreat

with Karen Korona, M.S., Holistic Health and Wellness Practitioner

October 16-22, 2016

Villa Del Palmar Flamingos Resort and Spa

Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico


$2,100.00 – Early Bird Special through Sept. 16

$900.00 – Deposit (non-refundable):

Bring a friend and receive a $100.00 discount!

(includes double occupancy, 3-day juice/veggie detox, nutrition analysis, and celebration dinner!)

Inquire about our couples and family packages.

Get Ready for a life-changing week in tropical Mexico!


“I was able to retreat from my stress, and see myself in a new way. The daily yoga and meditation, and juice cleanse helped me to take off the extra pounds, and get my energy and focus back!” ~SA

Space is limited so reserve your spot with a deposit.


$900 Deposit

Still struggling with stress, anxiety and fatigue…..Can’t find your way back to calm?
 Discover how you CAN live from peace and enjoy the present moment!
 Spend 7 days in paradise and experience methods to:

De-stress, Relax and Re-focus

Increase Vitality and Reshape Your Body

Heighten Awareness and Empower Your Inner Wisdom

Re-connect To Peace, Happiness and Abundance

You’ll learn how to release stress, increase vitality and encourage anti-aging, and return to calm. Plus, you’ll discover ways to dissolve blocks while practicing new techniques to balance emotions and re-connect to peace and happiness. Your Time To Restore: Peace, Happiness and Vitality Retreat will help you release the old programs in your body and brain with natural and effective methods. Our retreat supports you in establishing new, positive patterns to receive abundance, enjoy the present moment, and empower your inner wisdom.

Your Time To Restore

Peace, Happiness and Vitality Retreat will include:


mexico 1Morning Meditation Walk On The Beach

Begin your day with a meditation walk on the beach to clear your mind and connect to nature.  Enjoy mind-body techniques that teach you how to release stress, focus, center and balance.




Daily Breathing, Kundalini Yoga and Movement Techniques

Next you will be seated on the beach under the palm trees for breathing and visualization exercises to focus and energize your brain and body. Then you will be guided through a series of Kundalini yoga and movement techniques to open energy pathways, dissolve blocks and increase vitality. Enjoy breathing and stretching in-between each movement to harmonize the energy. The Kundalini techniques you will experience  throughout the week assist in heightening awareness, healing and rejuvenation. Class completes with a relaxation meditation as you listen to the waves and drift into deep peace….





Daily Mindfulness Methods and Meditation

The afternoon offers a class in meditation and mindfulness methods to de-stress, release past programs and re-connect to peace and happiness. You will learn tools to connect to your higher power to support being in the present moment and accessing your inner wisdom. Each class provides an insightful talk and meditation to support your personal healing and transformational journey.



“I learned how to manage my anxiety and find inner peace….. and now I feel confident in my life!” ~ SI

3 Day Body Detox Program Using Fresh Juice and Veggies

Begin your retreat with a Fresh Juice and Veggie Detox!  This 3-day purification program supports cleansing the body and mind, balancing weight and metabolism, releasing inflammation, and enhancing emotional and spiritual well-being. Enjoy fresh fruit and vegetable juices and raw veggies throughout the three days! You may supplement the juice and veggies with additional fruits, veggies, or light protein if necessary during the three days. (Karen will provide suggestions regarding the program that would best support your individual health needs.)



Nutrition and Diet Analysis

Following the Fresh Fruit and Veggie Detox, we will assess your constitution type and outline a nutrition program based on your health needs. This diet and nutritional program implemented during the retreat will promote purification, revitalization and balancing your body systems, to optimally support your holistic health and wellness goals.




Time To Reflect and Relax

Relax and enjoy free time in the morning and early afternoon during our
retreat days for inner reflection, sunbathing next to the pool or play in the ocean. The luxurious resort has several on-site restaurants, a first class spa, water sports and activities. You will have a day to explore nearby Puerto Vallarta, or sign up at our hotel for an excursion to swim with dolphins or explore beautiful islands!






Sunset Celebration Dinner In Penthouse

You are invited to an internationally recognized chef-prepared dinner in the penthouse as Karen’s guest! Enjoy an evening of exquisite food, beautiful views and laughter as we celebrate our last evening together!



Private Sessions with Karen Available Upon Request

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Healing treatments and consultations are available with Karen for an extra fee during free time. Please let her know in advance since space is limited. Please pay for these services here prior to your departure for the retreat, or cash payment in USD will be accepted at the time of treatment.


60 Minute Private Session 90 Minute Private Session

Experience this powerful healing and transformation retreat in tropical Mexico!
Make It Your Time To Restore Peace Happiness and Vitality

Karen Korona, M.S. is a Holistic Health and Wellness Practitioner who has been offering healing and transformational programs integrating a unique blend of spiritual and healing techniques for over 30 years. She has supported thousands of people using holistic healing therapies, meditation and yoga techniques, and mind-body exercises, guiding them to a healthy lifestyle of peace, happiness and vitality. Karen provides private sessions, workshops and retreats nationally and internationally.


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