Acu-Touch and Homeopathy Webinar Recording


Treat Your Child Naturally

with Acu-Touch and Homeopathy Recording

Through April 30th



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Do you wish to know holistic methods to treat your child from the common cold and flu, headaches, fever, rashes, bruises, and other bodily or emotional conditions?

Join Karen for an educational and hands-on Acu-Touch and Homeopathy workshop to discover natural techniques and remedies to use with your family during times of illness, injury, stress, and anxiety. These methods can be used with infants through teen years, as well as the adult years. Karen will also discuss how these techniques can be used for the prevention of illness, balancing body and brain, and rejuvenation.

This webinar recording includes a written handout on homeopathic remedies to reference back to, in addition to a copy of the original webinar.

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