Make a De-Stress Plan

Everyone knows about stress and how it depletes your energy. It takes away your happiness and creative flow. Stress can build up over time and create imbalances in the body and brain.

You CAN learn to relax and be calm. Let’s make a De-stress Plan to support your happiness and vitality!

As a Holistic Healer I have seen hundreds of people suffering from stress. Some people cope with stress using alcohol, anti- depressants or anti-anxiety medications, while others try to keep the stress levels down with exercise. And there are some who have discovered yoga and meditation as a way to de-stress and balance the mind and body.


Take a moment to step away from the stress and BREATHE! It’s simple, take a breath when you’re frustrated, take a breath when you’re about to lose your patience, take a breath when you’re overwhelmed. The breath brings you back to the present moment, where “All is calm.”

Manage Your Time And Relationships

Keep stress down by managing your time and relationships. Try not to over schedule yourself with appointments and learn to set your priorities. Be sure that time for yourself is at the top of the list. You will be a better person for everyone else if you take time-out for you away from the activity around you.

Re-balancing and Releasing Unhealthy Relationships

You may find yourself in an unhealthy relationship that is depleting. Often relationships start out on the right track, but later develop into co-dependency, emotionally abusive patterns, disempowerment, or the relationship becomes stagnant.  When you see a red flag, observe and listen inside. Then communicate to the person from compassion what your concerns are, and ideas to create a healthy relationship. This is always the first choice. However sometimes we outgrown a relationship with a friend or lover, and it’s simply time to move on. Relationships have a purpose in your life and once the purpose has been fulfilled you are complete.

If you are in a work situation and find yourself in an unhealthy relationship with a co-worker, communicate your concerns professionally, and shield yourself from any negative thoughts. Most of the time, a negative person is not wanting to intentionally send you negativity.  It’s possible that he or she is tired and stressed, and negativity spills into the workplace. Also, take time at work to take your breaks, be sure to have a lunch hour, and get out of the environment to de-stress at least once a day. You can take a walk or sit outside to eat your lunch, etc.

Create Time To De-stress

The most important focus is for you to create time and keep to it. If you have scheduled time-out for yourself, then you must follow through. Schedule in your calendar and don’t budge. You are important, and are learning to receive. This is a perfect exercise in self-love. Most people will give to others around them and forget about themselves.

Choose Your De-Stress Exercise

This is the fun part! What form of stress release would you like to create? It could that you commit to the same exercise daily or a few times a week, or you could create a number of de-stress activities throughout the week.

A Structured Activity Out Of Your Home

When you are considering creating special time for yourself, contemplate what you need and what you enjoy. You could also look at both general and specific de-stress activities. For example, you may be needing more exercise in your life. This would be considered a general de-stress activity, designed to fit the needs of your body, and at the same time it must be an exercise that you enjoy. Perhaps going to the gym to workout, riding your bike, hiking, skiing, participating in a yoga or other exercise class would be fitting for you. All exercise serves as a good stress releaser, and yoga provides an extra bonus of assisting with calming and rebalancing. Schedule a structured movement routine and keep to it!

Another de-stress activity would be a meditation or relaxation class.  Learning relaxation and meditation are calming, and are helpful techniques to use in your daily life. A class is a supportive environment of like-minded people who are wanting to learn how to de-stress and quiet the mind.

How about a massage or going to the Spa? Schedule your special time and keep it on the calendar!

A Structured Activity In Your Home

This is the fun part! What would you like to create in your home for de-stress? Schedule alone time to: listen to relaxing music, listen to a guided audio meditation, lighting a candle, meditation or yoga.  Also consider creative activities such as singing, dancing, painting, writing, etc. It could be as simple as every Thursday night you are going to light a candle and soak in the bathtub with your favorite aromatherapy salt. You must keep your commitment and give yourself the gift of slowing down and being present for a few moments. This is the very best dstress and happiness activity!

Plan Activities With Family And Friends

Getting together with family and friends is good for the soul. Community is an important element in our lives for sharing, laughter and support. This is our special time to open our hearts and enjoy each other. There are many fun activities to experience and grow deeper bonds together.

Eat Healthy Foods

Stay away from processed and refined foods, since these foods create an imbalance in the brain and body, and affect your moods. Sugar may give you a quick energy rush, however after the rush your energy will bottom out, creating stress in your system.  Unhealthy foods are harmful and do not provide the nutrients your body needs. Be mindful of the substance and energy you are putting in your body since you become the food you are eating.

Time In Nature

What a better way to de-stress than to be in nature! Within minutes, your body and mind feels recharged, as nature naturally neutralizes negativity in the body and mind. Everyday go outside, away from the concrete. Take in the earth energy through the bottoms of your feet, breathe in the fresh air, receive the sun through your heart. Have gratitude for the mountains, trees, and animals. Just today two sweet squirrels climbed a small tree outside my window and ate the last berries. It was such a gift to take a moment to be present with this joy of nature!

Get Your Sleep

You know the right amount of sleep that is supportive for your body. Give yourself deep rest and sleep every night to release stress and rejuvenate the body and brain. For the most beneficial sleep, get to bed by 11:00pm. The brain and body go into the deep sleep phase 11:00pm -1:00am.  As you are falling into sleep, tell yourself that you are letting go of the day and relaxing, and that you will wake up rejuvenated and refreshed in the morning!

Time With Your Pet

We all know that our pets are healing and help us to relax. For those of you with pets, take time everyday to play with them, and take your dog for a walk. Do not allow your mind to be anywhere else except being in the moment with your sweet pet!