Mind Body Exercise: Healing The Body And Mind

The body-mind connection is amazing.  You may have heard of people who have healed themselves from an illness or an injury, and others who have gone beyond the limitations of the mind to reach a high goal.  When you learn how to access your inner nature, you have the ability to connect with your power source for healing, attaining your goals and creating a life of happiness.    

Here is a simple mind body exercise that you can use to tap into your power source and begin healing your body and mind.

  1. Lie down in a comfortable position on the floor or bed.
  2. Take 3 deeps breaths, suggesting relaxation to your body.
  3. Notice areas of tension in the body.  You may direct your focus to this area or another part of your body that is needing healing at this time. (Where there is tension in the body, there is also a blocked emotion.  You may focus on dissolving the emotion and tension in the body at the same time).
  4. Begin breathing into the area you are focusing on.  Add a healing color to the area, such as healing green, cooling blue or beautiful pink. As you see the color and are breathing in and out of that part of your body that is needing assistance, now add a silent affirmation/mantra: with each inhalation say “i”, with each exhalation say “Am”.  This powerful affirmation/mantra combined with breath and color is affirming “I am healed, I am whole, I am healthy”.
  5. Continue the exercise for 1-3 minutes.  If desired, you may continue beyond the 3-minutes, and may repeat as many times as you like throughout the day.
  6. When healing a severe condition, repeating and lengthening the exercise is suggested.