Benefits of Relaxation

Benefits of Relaxation

The best medicine you could give to yourself is relaxation.  This one quality moment out of the day will balance, purify  and revitalize your body and mind. Here are the many health benefits of relaxation:

1. Releases stress and is good for heart health.

When you close your eyes and relax, your respiration and heart rate slow down and stress naturally releases.  Your heart holds the stress of the day, so it is important to release the tension of the heart to balance blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attacks and other heart problems.

2. Supports immune system functioning

Stress increases inflammation in the body, lowering immune system functioning.  Relaxation supports your lymphatic system to circulate and the immune system to work more efficiently, reducing colds and flus.

3. Keeps you slim

When you are stressed it’s easy to eat comfort foods  fast foods which are high in calories and low in nutrition.  Since stress creates inflammation in the body, toxins will accumulate in the inflamed areas, creating a perfect environment to produce fat cells.

4. Prevents and delays progression of disease

Stress over time creates dis-ease in the body and brain. Taking a few minutes everyday to relax will allow your mind and body to be at ease.  If you have a disease, relaxation will support slowing down the disease, and assist in releasing the tension of your organ and body systems.  Relaxation improves the immune system necessary to fight disease.

5. Slows down aging

Stress wears down your organ and body systems, and uses up your vitality.  Breathe and relax and restore your vitality everyday, to be sure you have a reserve of energy in your body to carry you through the day.  You must maintain your body like a car, otherwise your body will break down early in life and need lots of repairs.

6. Make better decisions

Relaxation creates a chemical balance in the brain to focus and be centered, enhancing you to make better decisions.  It’s best to relax first before making any big decisions in your life, so you know your mind is clear and it’s the best decision for you.

7.  Boosts memory

Your memory and word recall will naturally work more efficiently when you are in a relaxed state.  The neuroreceptors of the brain are sensitive to stress, and will not fire smoothly under tension.  Relaxation provides the energy and fuel for the brain to work to its optimal potential.

8. Reduces insomnia.

Stress creates tension in the mind and body, and may imbalance the endocrine system.  Your body systems become overheated and are overactive when you are trying to sleep.  Relaxation slows down your body systems and balances the endocrine system, allowing for the proper chemical balance of your brain to sleep at night!

9. Increase energy

Relaxation releases tension in the body and mind, increasing energy and vitality.  Taking a breath and letting go increases blood flow and oxygen to your body and brain.

10. Keeps depression away

Relaxation aids in balancing and centering the mind, and creates a chemical balance in the brain to keep you safe from depression.  It takes only 3 minutes to change the chemical balance of the body and brain, so be sure to relax for 3 minutes everyday.

11. Helps your libido

Men and women who are stressed often complain about a low libido.  Take time everyday to relax your mind and body, and enter a state of peace.  Your body systems including your sexual energy  will naturally flow when you are relaxed.  Take time prior  to relax and let go on the tension and to increase your libido.

12. Increases happiness

When you relax and you enter a peaceful state, happiness naturally flows from the heart.  Take a moment everyday to breathe and release your tension and fatigue, and return to your happiness.